Top 5 Courses

  • 40200 Moses

    A ten part series on the life of the man Moses, one of the most significant persons in human history. The student will learn of Moses’ choices and how these affected him and the people he served. As you learn from his life, you will come to believe, you can trust God with your life.

  • 11200 God Revealed to Man

    How can we begin to understand the infinite, eternal, invisible God? The teacher highlights some of God’s physical attributes that will help you to better understand His Spiritual realities. The better we know God, the better our lives can become.

  • 20300 Love in the Home

    What should a loving home look like? What can we do to make our home life more pleasing to God and to our families? These 4 studies will give you fresh perspective, encouragement, hope and help.

  • 30500 Study of First Corinthians

    Take a brief tour through the book and learn about the major topics that concerned the Corinthian Christians (and us today), things such as: conflicts in the church, divorce and remarriage, disagreements and lawsuits, and the identity of Spiritual gifts.

  • 31600 Studies in Revelation

    This brief study will give you an understanding of the happenings in the book of Revelation. Learn Biblical explanations of the many judgments, the Tribulation period, the identities and meanings of the mysterious people, groups, and creatures in the book. Also, you will see how the world will come to an end, Christ will be enthroned as king, and Satan eternally deposed.