51900 Hymnbook Of The Bible (Level 3)

Speaker: Warren Wiersbe

Description: These six lessons deal with spiritual truth from some special Psalms. Dr. Warren Wiersbe teaches the student how to understand and enjoy the Hymnbook of the Bible. Dr. Wiersbe is a well known International Bible conference teacher with a heart for missions and is a former pastor of Moody Church in Chicago. Dr. Wiersbe is author of more than 80 books and is known as a "pastors' pastor ". His speaking, writing and radio ministries have brought new understanding of the truths of God's Word to people around the world.

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There are 6 lessons in this course.

Lesson 1

Dr. Wiersbe introduces the book of Psalms as the Bible's Hymnbook. Psalm one teaches us how God wants to bless us and what we need to do in order to be recipients of His blessings.

Lesson 2

This lesson introduces the student to Psalm 2. In this Psalm we hear the voice of God the Father and of His Son. What is the thing that unites the nations of the world? What is the one lie that rules the world?

Lesson 3

The Psalm for this study is Psalm 18. In this Psalm we learn how God delivered David, why He delighted in David, and how He developed and disciplined him. We learn from David how to handle difficult experiences that come uninvited into our lives.

Lesson 4

This lesson teaches some helpful lessons from Psalm 46, a Psalm written by some priests in the Jewish Temple. What can we do to learn to trust God with the leadership of our lives? Why does God sometimes allow things to come and shake us up?

Lesson 5

Dr. Wiersbe helps the great 90th Psalm come to life in this study. Psalm 90 has much to say about the brevity of life. What must we do if we are to live life as God wants us to?

Lesson 6

This lesson teaches us some needed truths from the Passover Psalms. In these Psalms God emphasizes His sovereignty and promises and our need for prayer.

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