How is my course grade determined?

Lesson test grades are averaged together and account for 20% of the overall course grade. Final Exams count as 80% of the overall course grade. The final score is always rounded up or down so there is no decimal point.

Here’s an example of the math for a course with 4 lessons:

  • Lesson test scores were 50, 65, 83 and 100
  • The average of the lesson test scores is thus: (50 + 65 + 83 + 100) / 4 = 74.5
  • The Final exam grade is 100.
  • 74.5 (the average of all lesson tests) x .2 (20% of the total course grade) = 14.9
  • 100 (score on the final exam) * .8 (80% of the total course grade) = 80
  • 14.9 (points from the lesson tests) + 80 (points from the final exam) = 94.9 (the final course grade)
  • 94.9 is rounded up to 95 according to normal rounding rules.
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    MAAFALA says:

    Thanks God for directing me to be a part of BBN family. BBN save my life Thank you for your help as one of your student in the Bible Institute, May God blessed you all.

  2. Joe
    Joe says:

    I’m so grateful to be able to here on BBN to deepen my understanding
    in God’s word. I’m excited to be able to go through these courses and
    be a better witness for my LORD. Because the word of God is sharper
    than any two edged sword.

  3. Kathy Hayward
    Kathy Hayward says:

    My faith and understanding of God’s expectations of me is broadening as I take these courses. I’m encouraged to get more into the Word of God.
    Thank you, BBN Institute,

  4. Caiaphas Mbasa
    Caiaphas Mbasa says:

    Wow I’m so happy to have God who always knew what need in our lives… this is great nothing less

  5. Joe Hodges
    Joe Hodges says:

    I’m really enjoying the teaching and the test. BBN has so much to offer for understanding and growing in God’s word. This ministry is such a blessing.

  6. Ruslan
    Ruslan says:

    Dear BBN Team!

    Thank you for this wonderful course! It’s a blessing to be able to do the course online! God bless your hard work!


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