21000 The Life That Pleases God (Level 3)

Speaker: Donald Hubbard

Description: In these 6 lessons Dr. Donald Hubbard teaches how God daily transforms our lives to make us like Jesus Christ. He addresses how the Christian should deal with the sins in his life and the provisions God has made to assist him. Dr. Donald R. Hubbard pastored for many years and had an extensive radio ministry and international conference speaking schedule for many years. He went home to be with the Lord in 2020.

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There are 6 lessons in this course.

Lesson 1

Dr. Hubbard helps the student to better understand some of the basic truths in Scripture that can make a huge difference in our lives. The N.T. speaks often of "Agape love." Just what is this? How does God go about daily changing our lives?

Lesson 2

The life that pleases God must be a sin-cleansed life. What are some evidences that we have a pre-disposition to sin? What does Jesus do for us as our Advocate?

Lesson 3

Dr. Hubbard in this lesson teaches us how prayer is so important to having a life that pleases God. What does it mean to "pray in Jesus' name?" (Much more than you probably realize).

Lesson 4

This study will help you to better understand genuine Christian love and how God enables a Christian at the moment of salvation to love in ways they never could have done so before. What does it mean to "love my neighbor as myself?"

Lesson 5

What is the connection for the Christian between faithfulness, hopefulness, prayerfulness, and joy? God works to bring joy into our lives by transformation. How does He go about this?

Lesson 6

Dr. Hubbard helps the student to understand what the Bible means when it talks about believers bearing fruit. Why is this so important? What will "good fruit" look like in your life?

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