50600 Tongues (Level 3)

Speaker: Donald Hubbard

Description: There is much controversy today concerning the gift of tongues or languages as it is given in the Scriptures. Dr. Donald R. Hubbard teaches 5 lessons and brings to light some important points about the gift of tongues. Dr. Donald R. Hubbard was a pastor for many years and had an extensive radio ministry and international conference speaking schedule for many years. He went home to be with the Lord in 2020.

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There are 5 lessons in this course.

Lesson 1

What is the history of speaking in tongues (this may surprise you)? Did Jesus ever speak in tongues? What is the basic passage in the NT that defines speaking in tongues?

Lesson 2

Dr. Donald Hubbard helps the student to understand some of the controversies of tongues' speaking. What is the last passage in Scripture in which tongues is mentioned?

Lesson 3

What is the one thing that speaking in tongues should contribute to? Is there any biblical evidence to support the idea that tongues was the speaking of a foreign language? When Paul lists the spiritual gifts in Romans and Ephesians is the gift of tongues included?

Lesson 4

Is it true that in many places in Scripture we see divine truth being conveyed to God’s people as through tongues? Should every believer seek the gift of tongues? What are the differences between prophesying and tongues speaking? Which of these should be the more coveted gift?

Lesson 5

In this lesson Dr. Hubbard answers the following questions and more. Does speaking in tongues denote a degree of spirituality? Is tongues a mighty instrument for evangelism? What is a more edifying gift for the church than tongues?

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