How to print any page

It’s best to use your browser’s print options. Most browsers will allow you to right click in the middle of the page and select print from a dropdown menu.

How much does it cost?

BBN Bible Institute is FREE to students!

How do I audit so I don’t have to take tests?

If you prefer not to take the tests, you may Audit courses instead.

To audit courses only, you must indicate this by selecting “audit only” under Account info.

I sent a question but have not heard back

We try to respond to every student e-mail within one business day (except on weekends). However, if the e-mail address that you registered was not entered correctly, then we may not have any way to contact you.

Here is how to check your email address for accuracy:

Log in to BBNBI using your Username and password that you registered. Once you are logged in, click on the button at the top of the page called ‘Account Info’. Enter your BI password when prompted. When the Account Info page opens, you will see the personal information that you registered. Check the e-mail address for accuracy. If it is incorrect, then use the link at the top of the page to change e-mail address. You may also update other personal information as necessary.

How is my course grade determined?

Lesson test grades are averaged together and account for 20% of the overall course grade. Final Exams count as 80% of the overall course grade. The final score is always rounded up or down so there is no decimal point.

Here’s an example of the math for a course with 4 lessons:

  • Lesson test scores were 50, 65, 83 and 100
  • The average of the lesson test scores is thus: (50 + 65 + 83 + 100) / 4 = 74.5
  • The Final exam grade is 100.
  • 74.5 (the average of all lesson tests) x .2 (20% of the total course grade) = 14.9
  • 100 (score on the final exam) * .8 (80% of the total course grade) = 80
  • 14.9 (points from the lesson tests) + 80 (points from the final exam) = 94.9 (the final course grade)
  • 94.9 is rounded up to 95 according to normal rounding rules.

How do I view and print my certificates?

BBNBI offers letters of completion for the following:

  • Completed courses
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Completion of a Level (There are 3)
  • Divisions
  • A Diploma of Biblical Studies when the entire Institute is completed

These are made available in on the Student Menu page in the section called Completed Courses. In the column called, Letter of Completion, there will be a Download button for any course that has been completed with a passing grade. Letters of Completion are in the PDF format.

To view a PDF document, you can use Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is available for free from:

No certificates are mailed out.

Are there transcripts of the classes?

All course material is only available in audio format from the website. While we can’t offer any kind of copies, you can always log into your account and listen again.

How do I update the email address used as my username?

We’ll be happy to assist with the update! Just send your request using this page.

I forgot my password or username.

Go to the sign in page.

If you forgot your password, enter your email address and then click: Forgot password?

If you forgot your username, click: Forgot username?

I’m having trouble logging in!

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