Before You Buy Google Home…

We have observed that Google Home plays BBN perfectly at some locations, but not others. At some locations, Google announces that the BBN stream is starting, but then the device goes silent and doesn’t ever play the stream. This is not limited to BBN. A multitude of users have reported the issue to Google tech support, over years of time, about almost any radio stream you can think to name.

Evidence points to it being location specific, but not necessarily a network problem. A stream will go silent at one location, but then play fine with the same equipment moved to another house. We will continue attempts to pinpoint the cause so all Google Home users can enjoy BBN.

While we cannot yet recommend purchasing Google Home for listening to BBN, if you already have Google Home, please try the voice commands below to see if BBN plays at your location.

Phrases to Play BBN Radio on Google Home

  • “Hey Google, play BBN Radio.” (plays BBN English)
  • “Hey Google, play BBN Espanol.”
  • “Hey Google, play BBN Portuguese.”
  • “Hey Google, play BBN Chinese.”
  • “Hey Google, play BBN Japanese.”
  • “Hey Google, play BBN Korean.”
  • “Hey Google, play BBN German.”
  • “Hey Google, play BBN Russian.”

You must use the exact phrase for Google Home to recognize what to do. It also works to substitute “start” in place of the word “play”.

If Google Home doesn’t play BBN, try saying “BBN” more slowly and add a brief silence between letters.

Compatible Google Home Devices

  • Google Home
  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Home Max

If you know someone who is sight-impaired and already has a Google Home, this may be a perfect way for them to hear BBN!