Programs Available to Order on CD

  • Conference Pulpit
  • Bible Study Time with Dr. Lehman Struass
  • Dynamic Living with Dr. Donald R. Hubbard
  • Gateway to Joy with Elizabeth Elliot
  • Glad Tidings with Dr. J. Allen Blair
  • Words of Praise with Dr. Donald R. Hubbard

Copies of programs are available for a suggested donation of $5.00 per CD. BBN can only offer message duplication for 30 days after the message has been aired and shipping is limited to US addresses only please.

CD copies are in CD Audio format with one program on each CD.

To order online:

  1. Please send a donation using a credit card or check-by-web.
  2. The gift confirmation page has a link to “Request program copies”. Just click on that link.
  3. Please fill in the requested information.

To order by mail:

  • Please list the name of the program(s) you would like copies of.
  • Please list the air date(s) of the message(s) you want.
  • Please note we only offer program copies on CD in CD-audio format.
  • Please include your contact information so we can contact you if there is any question and so we know where to ship the copies.
  • Please mail your donation by check to:

PO Box 7300
Charlotte, NC 28241