Steven brown

Steven brown


I remember as a little boy sitting at the kitchen table and listening with fascination to the local news station on the radio. Thoughts of exploration entered my mind. Others could dream of flying to the moon; me? I wanted to work at that radio station and find out how to make a voice come out of that radio box in the kitchen.

That fascination took me to Tennessee Temple University, where I graduated with a major in Christian ministries and a minor in broadcasting. I was always “hanging around” the campus station and was employed there for awhile after graduating, helping the broadcasting students as a staff announcer.

I went back home and worked a couple of years at that same radio station I listened to as a kid. Then, in 1986, I received a call from the engineer at BBN about working for the network. I filled out an application, sent my resume, and the rest, they say, is history.

After I was saved at a Christian camp in 1975, I felt the call to full-time Christian service; it was a desire of mine to reach the greatest amount of people in the shortest amount of time. And in God‘s way and time, He brought me to that fulfillment of my heart 11 years later at BBN. With the expansion of BBN and the development of new technology, I have been able to see the world “shrink” and be brought right to BBN’s doorstep, where the gospel can be communicated for the Glory of God.