How can I believe in something I can’t see or understand?

Some people give different reasons for not believing in Heaven, Hell, or God, for that matter. Some will point to calamities and say, “A loving God would not allow that to happen.” Others look at portions of the Bible that appear to contradict each other and say, “A God of truth who is all-knowing would not have written this.” Still others insist that they will not believe in anything they cannot see or understand. This seems to make sense until you look more closely at that argument.

That person has let his own mind or intellect become the measure of what is true and what is false. I would venture to say that the same person has never seen a thought wave nor understands how the brain works. Tell me what happens to all those thoughts, memories, and judgments that were processed by the brain, one split second after death? Yet, unbelievers worship at the shrine of their own brain and trust its reliability. I do not know about you, but my mind has failed me on occasion, and usually at the most embarrassing moment. I can remember a friend in the ministry meeting a fellow preacher whom he had known for years. His wife, my wife, and I were with him at that meeting. The two had talked for several minutes when my friend’s wife said, “Well, honey, aren’t you going to introduce us?” Poor fellow! My friend stalled until it became obvious to all that he had forgotten his friend’s name.

It may sound very intellectual to say, “I only believe in what I see and can understand,” but it is a poor excuse that will not stand before God. Trust Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and be sure of a home in that wonderful place called Heaven. Yes, He is alive and salvation, Heaven and Hell are real!

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