Is morality a Biblical requirement for leadership?

This question has been dealt with in the media, in discussion groups, and in the minds of many citizens in the light of the scandals that have dominated our political scene. Some feel that a leader’s private life is no one’s business. They feel the real test of a leader is how well he can lead others.

If we leave the Bible out of the discussion, that might very well be a good test of leadership. However, God laid down some principles for choosing a leader. He said, in Deuteronomy 17:14-20, the person who would be the king, or leader of the people, should be a person who is not covetous (does not multiply horses or silver and gold to himself), and he must be one who is sexually pure. He is not to have a multitude of wives (or mistresses) so that his heart is not turned away from God.

Further, this leader is to have a copy of God’s law beside him at all times. He is to study it so that he may keep his heart in tune with God. He is to remind himself of the standards God puts upon leadership. God blessed Israel when she had kings that were righteous, and He cursed them when the king was a wicked, immoral person.

Yes, morality is a biblical requirement for leadership in government.

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