How can I read my Bible daily?

Reading the Bible is like eating food. It does the same thing for the soul that food does for the body. Neglecting the Bible reading and Bible study will make you a weak Christian. Just as eating food is a habit, and our body lets us know when we neglect it, so we need to stay in tune with the need of the soul for nutrition.

One spiritual Christian came up with a good way to make sure that Bible reading had its proper place. His motto was “No Bible, no breakfast!” That is tough duty, but if it takes that, it is worth it. Eating will cease one day, because the body will die. The soul will live on forever, in Heaven or in Hell. Does it not make sense to nourish the one that is eternal?

Some have found that having an accountability partner can encourage Bible reading. That person can ask, occasionally, what have you learned recently from the Word? The Bible says, “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17. Some businessmen meet each other at a place where they can have breakfast together, read the Bible, and discuss what they have read. Husband and wives can hold each other accountable by asking the same type of questions. This should not be an inquisition, but a friendly reminder that the Bible is essential food for the family.

There are several ways to study the Bible. First, there is the method of reading straight through a book of the Bible. For beginners, I would not recommend starting at Genesis and going straight through the Old Testament before getting to the New Testament. I would suggest that new Christians start with First John, then the Gospel of John, the other gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) then Acts and on through the epistles.

Second, there is the search for doctrinal truths. Search out, through cross-references and a topical index, what the Bible says about Heaven, Hell, Faith, etc. There are many free online resources where you can search. Click here to try one.

We have a number of aids to Bible reading and study on our website. You can go to the programs page, click on any of the times that we give the Bible Quiz Question on BBN. You will be able to listen to any of the questions for the week. Try to answer them by looking them up in your Bible. We also have Bible memory verses for each week. The current one is on the English home page.

Third, you might want to do a character study on a Bible person. Study the life of Samson to see how a person with great potential falls short of what he could have been and take heed in your own life. Look at Nehemiah and realize what one person can accomplish if he or she is the proper person and yielded to God. It is a great study to see how to lead people through difficult times and circumstances. It may save you a lot of money spent on buying success books. The Author of the Book has reviews that go back centuries!

Perhaps you might want to do a study on a city and watch what happens there. Maybe a study on what the Bible says about fathers and sons, or mothers and daughters. Use a pencil or pen and paper, or use the computer to take notes on what you learn. Recently, on Father’s Day, I decided to carry my Father’s Bible to church. I noticed a number of notes he had made in his Bible and on the pages at the front and back of his Bible. Some verse references he had put there had a significant note alongside them, “For Harold and his children.” I was blessed as I looked up some of those verses and realized that he had claimed them for me. When you are in Heaven as my Father is, what will your children and those left behind read from your Bible?

Whatever method you use be sure to read your Bible daily. It is imperative. Sin will keep you from the Bible, or the Bible will keep you from sin. Psalm 119:11 “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” There is no other way. One way to put the Bible in your heart and soul is with Bible memorization cards. As you come across a verse that blesses you, write it out on a card, with the reference on the reverse side of the card. Then quiz yourself as you wait on the phone for the menu to cycle to the person you are trying to reach, or as you wait in line at the bank. Take them with you on the bus, train, or other means of transportation. DO NOT READ THEM WHILE YOU DRIVE!

Missionaries and others who have been imprisoned in some land for witnessing for the Lord had said that the only things that sustained them, spiritually, during those tough days was the Bible verses they had memorized and the hymns they knew. You may never be imprisoned for witnessing for the Lord, but suppose you would contract some disease that required you to be hospitalized and alone for long periods of time. What would give you that peace of mind that can sustain you in such times? Isaiah 26:3 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about which version of the Bible is right and which one is wrong. There are ardent supporters for various versions and you can start a vigorous debate on this subject. For certain, some versions are better than others, but the version that I can assure you will produce the worst results in your life is the Unread Version!

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