Living The Christian Life

I don’t know about you but sometimes I struggle with living the consecrated life that truly exemplifies the Lord Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul when writing to the church at Corinth must have realized that they too had difficulty from time to time. For he wrote a letter of encouragement to help them stay on track. If we, as believers, are to continue to live for the Lord Jesus day by day, there are five principles that we must put into practice. Paul gave them to the Corinthians as he closed out his first letter to them.


It is imperative that we fully understand that we have many enemies who wish to harm the body of Christ. Every believer must beware of the enemy, Satan. We must be continually on guard with our eyes always looking for those signs of his presence. He walks about seeking those who may be weak or wayward. He intends to distract and devour.

Two things are very important here. First must be the constant watch for evil. Even the appearance of it must prompt those who would escape to flee! But also, we must watch those who are the accomplices of evil. They will try to draw us aside from the strength of our faith and the unity of the Gospel.


We who have placed our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ are to stand fast in our position. To hold in conscientious credence what we have already received as the truth of God. Keeping in our ranks and being determined to not allow them to be broken as we stay close together in faith and unity. For in unity there is provision of additional strength should the enemy approach. Should he succeed in breaking our ranks, and dividing one part of this sacred army from another, our defeat will be inevitable.
Let the truth that God loves us, and the fact that he has forgiven us, and the knowledge that He expects us to stand for Him in the faith, cause us to be unwavering. As faithful people let us make Godly decisions, march to God’s directions and move with a distinct difference as we hold fast our profession of faith together.


We must also be as mature people who understand the truth. and so are determine to give up life rather than give up the testimony of God. The young and weaker ones may quit but we must not flinch. Even when attacked we must maintain our ground. Our resistance must allow us to press forward and fight knowing that our Captain will prevail and conquer any foe.


We must be strong in the Lord, putting forth with all our might and energy to maintain the truth. For we know that as we exercise our spiritual strength it will increase. If the enemy seem too great a force, then we must encourage one another and so sustain each other. We must not fear. For that will drain our energy.


The greatest motivator in the world is not money or power, or position. It is love! If we are to continue to live the powerful Christian life that points others to our Savior, then we must do all that we do in love. We must love God who first loved us, and we must love our fellow man. Love must be the motive for our conduct. Where a true principle of Christian charity prevails among the members of a personal family or a church family, it will cast out selfishness, pride, envy, and division. The sum of all the commandments, both towards God and towards our neighbor, is love.

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