How do I present the Gospel to others?

It is sad that so few Christians are practicing soul winners. We get questions from our listeners about how to win a loved one to the Savior. Upon inquiring, we find that the person does not know how to present the gospel, and maybe cannot even define the gospel. Here are a few tips to […]

How can I read my Bible daily?

Reading the Bible is like eating food. It does the same thing for the soul that food does for the body. Neglecting the Bible reading and Bible study will make you a weak Christian. Just as eating food is a habit, and our body lets us know when we neglect it, so we need to […]

How can I know that I am going to Heaven when I die?

Perhaps the most often asked question is: “How can I know that I am going to Heaven when I die? It is asked by young and old, male and female, and people from all kinds of backgrounds. It may be from a church member who had been faithful to a church for years, or from a […]

How can I believe in something I can’t see or understand?

Some people give different reasons for not believing in Heaven, Hell, or God, for that matter. Some will point to calamities and say, “A loving God would not allow that to happen.” Others look at portions of the Bible that appear to contradict each other and say, “A God of truth who is all-knowing would […]

Victory over sin

“Even though I know that I am a Christian, I am still having problems getting victory over sin in my life. What’s wrong?” We get this question quite often from listeners who are having a hard time with a particular sin in their lives. We forget that we will not be glorified until we get […]

Demon Possession

Occasionally, we will get a counseling call that deals with demon influence over a person or in a particular location. We have been asked to pray to cast out demons, or to pray that the Lord will protect a family and a home from the effects of demons. We need to understand first who a […]

Can a person who commits suicide still go to Heaven?

At times, we get questions about the death of a loved one, or someone who has died at their own hand. Whenever someone commits suicide, they will be leaving unanswered questions for loved ones to wrestle with. A person contemplating suicide should consider the confusion and sorrow they are inflicting on those who remain behind. […]

Foretelling the future

“I had a dream last night in which I believe I saw God’s plan for my future. Can you help me make sure this is God’s will for me?” Or, a person might ask, “I spoke with this person who says she can tell me what the future holds for me. What do you think?” […]

Am I really saved?

We get questions from some of our listeners like this: “When I was 12, I made a decision to trust Jesus Christ as my Savior, but I am not sure that I will go to Heaven when I die. Am I saved?” Or, a listener may ask, “I am a Christian, but I am not […]

Must I be baptized to be saved?

The plan of salvation is very simple and some try to make it very complicated. When Jesus described salvation as a new birth, He was describing it as a new beginning, only in a different dimension. A person is saved by admitting he or she is a sinner, deserving of Hell because of sin, but […]